Sometimes words are worth more than pictures.
(And they load faster too.)

This site contains essays, articles, and other things I have written.

Its purpose is twofold:

  1. To share what I have experienced and learned with anyone who is interested.
  2. To learn from others.

Its format is intentionally simple and uncluttered. Mostly text. A few images. No ads, fancy graphics, comment box or guestbook. If you really feel the need to provide feedback, email me Dave Guenther

me on whitecap mountain


Like me, this website is getting old (in Internet years, that is) and is in need of a few tweaks. Nothing major that would alter its fundamental nature and general appearance. Just some subtle adjustments. More along the lines of improving one's diet, getting more exercise, and removing a few warts rather than splurging on a facelift, a new wardrobe, and a luxury car.

Follow the links below to my webpages:


Homemade gaiters
A homemade tent
My Scrap Pack -- A homemade backpack
The Hiker Diet
My pre-AT hike trail journal entries
Sources of food resupply on the Appalachian Trail
Climbing Katahdin
My favorite photos from the Appalachian Trail
Hiking the Jordan River Pathway
Hiking Isle Royale National Park
Hiking the High Country Pathway
Hiking the North Country and Manistee River Trails -- Old US 131 SFCG to Red Bridge Access
An Open Letter to Sally -- Why I hike the Appalachian Trail
Old Man Walking (slowly) -- I'm officially "old" but still hiking
The Ups and Downs of Section Hiking the Appalachian Trail


The best and worst things about singlehanded sailing
One of Those Days -- A short cruising anecdote.
Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me -- Another short cruising anecdote.


How to Brief a Case
To Be Or Not To Be [a Lawyer], That Is The Question
FIRAC: An ELEMENTary Approach to Legal Reasoning
So, What do You do for a Living? -- Michigan Bar Journal, March, 2006


A New Look at an Old Subject -- A commentary on aging.
The White Hole Effect -- A commentary on retirement.
A Rule of Thumb Gets the Finger -- How much should a college student study?
Getting By -- One of life's little moments.
Follow Your Dream
Aftermath of the 1960 tsunami, Hilo, HI -- Photos taken by my father.

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